25 de marzo de 2011


As the week passes there's always something you don't expect is going to happen. Something that is not all right, something you don't like. You can't help it, it's going to happen anyway. I don't mean to be a stoic. I'm not saying your life is already written in a wall or somewhere in the universe, but there are so many factors out of ourselves which determine our lives... This is why, in my opinion, we should have some sort of pillow, somewhere soft where we can fall when this undesirable things occur to us.

I already have mine. Boy do I love it. Soft, and delicate. With such a sweet voice, with this slightly childlike touch. Just hearing it made me feel calm and quiet. There's no need to explain what's the matter. With just a couple of looks and a few words she starts doing her thing- and what a thing-. It makes me feel gradually better and better, until, at the end, it's just her and me. Nothing else matters. In fact, nothing else will ever matter the way it used to. And that's thanks to her. And that’s her.

Escritura automática… de nuevo, pero esta vez escuchando a Hendrix, y en inglés.

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Natalia dijo...

Boy, did I have a good evening. I took this little walk and saw some old and beautiful books, with an awesome hand always in mine. Then I just hang around till I get to sit in one of those Expo's benches. And guess what? my favourtie person was there all the time. Though I want to be with me all of the time - *insert The Kink's song here* -, not only a Friday evening, with Chinese food and trams; not only a huge and wonderful storm or earthquake or hurricane in a doorway, that only leaves smell in a corner and beating rythm in my heart; I want to be with him all my life. I want to share a pillow with him and show him the indescribable way he makes me feel.

And guess what?
(though I know you know it)